Superior Performance

Green Sacks™ don't just benefit from better environmental credentials, they also offer superior levels of performance and are certified under the CHSA (Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association) Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme.


Green Sacks™ are made using a high percentage of waste farm polythene such as used silage balewrap and horticultural films, chosen specifically because of its inherent strength.

Improved tear resistance

Thanks to their use of tough farm polythene, Green Sacks™ demonstrated equal or superior tear resistance in tests to conventional refuse sacks made from a 30 micron film.

Outperforms other refuse sacks

The Green Sack range offers up to 10 times the tear resistance of other premium brand refuse sacks, confirming that the recycled material content greatly enhances rather than degrades product performance.

Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association Super Tear Resistant Manufactured with UK farm polythene Ultra Low Carbon Footprint